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Министр здравоохранения Сирии Рида Саид


On 16 February 2010, H.E. Dr Rida Saeed, the Minister of Health of the Syrian Arab Republic, countersigned four copies of the approved report of the joint Government/WHO programme review and planning mission for the biennium 2010–2011, as well as the detailed programme budget and the workplans for all national programmes. The report and detailed workplans have been reviewed by the WHO Regional Office and were approved by Dr Hussein A. Gezairy, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, on the 3 February 2010.

The occasion was attended by Dr Ibrahim Betelmal (WHO Representative), Dr Hassan Haj Hussein (Director of International Relations, Ministry of Health (MoH)), Dr Talal Bakfaloni (Director of Planning and International Cooperation, MoH), Mr Yassin Shukr (Technical Officer, WHO) and Dr Nazar Elfaki (Medical Officer, WHO).

The joint programme review and planning mission exercise is a consultative process between WHO and the Member State. It aims at ensuring that the collaborative programmes are in line with national health policy and will strengthen the national capacity for achieving health goals and aspirations. The joint programme review and planning mission document reflects the country health needs in line with agreed-upon programme priorities. It expresses a mutual agreement between WHO and the Government on the priority areas of cooperation and the expected results of collaborative programmes. During the mission, operational plans for the various collaborative programmes are developed listing in detail the country-specific expected results, the products or services, and the activities and activity components to be delivered in the biennium.

Рида Саид министр здравоохранения Сирии

map of Syria regions

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