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Министр здравоохранения на Сейшелах Мари-Пьер Ллойд

Marie-Pierre Lloyd is a minister of health in Seychelles since 2007. She was Minister of Social Affairs & Employment until that time.

The newly appointed Health Services Authority (HSA) will be directly responsible for providing health services while the Health Department of the Ministry of Health and Social Development (MHSD) will be responsible for policy issues. The Minister for MHSD (ministry of health and social development in Seychelles), Marie-Pierre Lloyd, announced this yesterday in an interview at the Victoria Hospital, where she said that Anne Lafortune is the principal secretary (PS) for MHSD, as the former PS for Health, Jude Gedeon, becomes the chief medical officer for community health services within the HSA.

Minister Lloyd said that the Authority, which she appointed recently, is responsible for providing health services for everyone living in Seychelles, with the objective of using the resources available to it in the most beneficial, effective and efficient manner to provide preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services.
The minister said that provision of health services will be within the context of the wider strategic framework set by the Health Department (HD) “and the more specific services development plan of the Health Services Authority agreed annually with the Health Department.”

She said that the services set out in the annual plan will be delivered within the resources allocated annually by the HD.
“The Health Services Authority is responsible for the day to day management of the delivery of health services provided by the public sector in Seychelles. It will be headed by a chief executive officer (Maryse Berlouis) who will report to the minister. The HSA will advise the HD on strategic issues pertaining to services delivery as they arise and will ensure that services are delivered within proper quality standards,” she said.

An advisory board that will be chaired by Maurice Loustau-Lalanne has also been set up. Its vice-chairperson will be Dr Miodrag Todorovic, while Dr Bernard Valentin will be its secretary.

Its members will be Dr Peter Lee, Professor Arthur Tanner, Colette Servina from the Seychelles Red Cross, Dr V. Ramadoss who heads the Seychelles Medical and Dental Association, Marie-Antoinette Hoareau representing the Nurses Association of the Republic of Seychelles and Maryse Berlouis.

The health promotion and disease prevention division is now responsible for the prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases, including new and re-emerging diseases.

It will develop disease-prevention programmes putting emphasis on fostering healthy lifestyle and health conducive environments and behaviours while monitoring the implementation of these programmes at all levels throughout the country.
It will also develop, produce and disseminate health promotion and educational materials, conduct disease surveillance activities and monitor disease patterns and epidemiological changes and develop appropriate responses.

It is this division that will organise and conduct inspections of premises and make recommendations and also implement comprehensive and active disease detection and confirmation strategies, while educating the public on their rights and responsibilities to health. It will also collect, analyse and distribute statistical data and make recommendations
The health systems development division (HSDD) will see to the strategic development of the health system while putting emphasis on developing strategies to ensure the distributive equity of the health service as well as its sustainability and responsiveness. This division will monitor the implementation of national health policies and plans, advise the Health Advisory Authority on policy and legislative issues and assist in the promulgation and implementation of laws and regulations that affect public health.

The HSDD will also plan and develop human resource needs of the Health Department.
Minister Lloyd said that it will be obvious to the different personnel within the ministry whether they fall under the Authority or under the Health Department, but noted that majority of them will be within the Authority as it is the one that will be delivering services to the people.
The media pledged to continuously apprise the public of the provisions of the different ways that the MHSD will continue to function as it aims to offer better services.

Министр здравоохранения на Сейшелах Мари-Пьер Ллойд

Даниэлла Лару исполнительный директор министерства здравоохранения Сейшелов

Даниэлла Лару исполнительный директор министерства здравоохранения Сейшелов

In the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Daniella Larue has been appointed the new chief executive of the Health Services Agency. 02.09.2009

Патрик Джордж Пиллай бывший министр здравоохранения Сейшелов 2005г

Патрик Джордж Пиллай бывший министр здравоохранения Сейшелов 2005г. Minister for Foreign Affairs Patrick Pillay has announced his retirement from his role as cabinet minister, as of September 15. The President will assume the portfolio for foreign affairs until a new appointment is made.

www.nation.sc/ index.php?rub=54 www.seychellesweekly.com

карта районов Сейшелов

Seychelles is divided into 25 districts. All are located on the Inner Islands; the Outer Islands (Zil Elwannyen Sesel) are not part of any district. Eight of the districts make up Greater Victoria, 14 are located in the rural part of the main island Mahe, two on Praslin, and one on La Digue (including respective satellite islands). La Digue also includes some distant islands northwest of Mahe (Silhouette, North Island) and the coral islands in the north of the Inner Islands (Denis, Bird). The capital Victoria consist of parts of the districts English River, Saint Louis and Mont Fleuri.
Between 1991 and 1993, the originally 23 districts were local government units with elected councils. Since then, they have been governed by government-appointed administrators.
In 1998, two new districts, Roche Caiman and Les Mamelles were created mostly from reclaimed land and from parts of Plaisance.

Area sq.km
Population 2002
Population 2009
01 Anse aux Pins Anse Aux Pins 2.2 3535 3590 East Mahe
02 Anse Boileau Anse Boileau 12.0 3994 4089 West Mahe
03 Anse Etoile Anse Etoile 5.8 4272 4905 North Mahe
04 Au Cap La Plaine St. Andre? 8.7 2997 3659 East Mahe
05 Anse Royale Anse Royale 6.6 3688 3732 South Mahe
06 Baie Lazare Baie Lazare 12.1 2957 3154 South Mahe
07 Baie Sainte Anne Anse Volbert 25.1 3655 3154 Inner Islands
08 Beau Vallon Beau Vallon 4.3 3797 4049 North Mahe
09 Bel Air Bel Air 4.7 2900 2947 Greater Victoria
10 Bel Ombre Bel Ombre 9.2 3538 4070 West Mahe
11 Cascade capital 10.4 3439 3996 East Mahe
12 Glacis capital 7.0 3576 4064 North Mahe
13 Grand'Anse Grand'Anse 15.4 2587 2778 West Mahe
14 Grand'Anse Praslin Grand Anse 14.4 3335 3528 Inner Islands
15 La Digue and Inner Islands La Passe 41.7 2099 2214 Inner Islands
16 English River English River 1.7 3624 4157 Greater Victoria
17 Mont Buxton Mont Buxton 1.2 3107 3102 Greater Victoria
18 Mont Fleuri Mont Fleuri 6.1 3611 3877 Greater Victoria
19 Plaisance Plaisance 3.4 3399 3607 Greater Victoria
20 Pointe La Rue Pointe La Rue 3.9 2715 3172 East Mahe
21 Port Glaud Port Glaud 26.7 2174 2325 West Mahe
22 Saint Louis Saint Louis 1.1 3325 3359 Greater Victoria
23 Takamaka Takamaka 14.4 2589 2580 South Mahe
24 Les Mamelles Les Mamelles 1.8 2352 2480 Greater Victoria
25 Roche Caiman Roche Caiman 1.2 2652 2828 Greater Victoria
26 2) Outer Islands (Zil Elwannyen Sesel) ( Coetivy ) 211.3 1250 1115 Outer Islands
Seychellen Victoria 455.0 81177 87298

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