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Министр здравоохранения Малави Мозес Шарувананга Ширамбо (Moses Charuwananga Chirambo)

Moses Charuwananga Chirambo

Honorable Prof. Moses Charuwananga Chirambo, MP


Born in 1939, Honorable Prof. Chirambo studied Medicine at the University of Alberta, Canada where he qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1967. In 1971, he left for Hadassah-Hebrew University in Israel where he specialized in Ophthalmology in 1973. He worked for the Ministry of Health in various capacities including that of Chief Ophthalmologist from 1969 until 1989. He also worked for as an Eye care Program Consultant for the East, Central and Southern Africa Region for the Sight Savers International of UK. Honorable Chirambo was a SADC Ophthalmologist Course Director at the Malawi College of Health Sciences from 1983 to 2004 and also lectured at the College of Medicine's Ophthalmology Post Graduate training Program. Honorable Prof. Chirambo has also been responsible for the development of regional training program for the Bachelor of Optometry at Mzuzu University. He has published a lot of articles in the field of Ophthalmology for which he has received over seven International and local awards. His political career dates back to 2007 when he became a DPP MP for Rumphi Central Constituency. He reclaimed the seat in the May 2009 General Elections and was subsequently appointed Minister of Health.

Deputy Minister - Honourable Theresa Gloria Mwale, MP

Scotland Strengthening links with Malawi 15/02/2010

On her first official visit to Malawi, External Affairs Minister Fiona Hyslop welcomed the President of Malawi's appointment as Chair of the African Union.

Speaking from Malawi, Ms Hyslop said:

"Scotland has a distinct and special relationship with Malawi. In fact Malawi is at the heart of Scottish civic society. The number of institutional, community, church and school links continue to grow. We are committed to building on what has already been achieved, further strengthening the Scottish Government's engagement with Malawi.

"Food security and renewable energy are a key focus in Malawi's year as Chair of the African Union. This provides new possibilities for co-operation between Malawi and Scotland. Today I have had very productive meetings with my Ministerial counterparts in the Government of Malawi, who lead on the various strands of our Co-operation Agreement. We discussed progress on current commitments and have begun to explore future priorities. By working together we will ensure that these priorities meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in Malawi, to achieve real and sustainable outcomes."

The Minister undertook a series of meetings with Ministerial counterparts in Malawi today, including Honourable Professor Eta E. Banda MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Honourable Abbie Marambika Shaba MP, Minister of Development Planning and Co-operation; Honourable Moses Charuwananga Chirambo MP, Minister of Health; and Honourable George Chaponda MP, Minister for Science, Education and Technology.

Fiona Hyslop also took the opportunity to welcome the Malawian President's appointment as Chair of the African Union:

"I welcome the appointment of His Excellency Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika as Chair of the African Union. This is an important role which places Malawi, the warm heart of Africa, at the heart of the decision making process in the continent."

The Scottish Government has ring-fenced a minimum of ?3 million per annum from the International Development Fund for the Malawi development programme.

карта регионов Малави

Малави делится на 28 провинций, объединенных в три региона: Северный регион, Центральный регион, Южный регион.

Площадь тыс кв. км
Население, чел
1. Балака Балака 2,193 253098
2. Блантайр Блантайр 2,012 809397
3. Чикуава Чикуава 4,755 356682
4. Чирадзулу Чирадзулу 0,767 236050
5. Мачинга Мачинга 3,771 369614
6. Мангочи Мангочи 6,273 610239
7. Муланже Муланже 2,056 428322
8. Мванза Мванза 2,259 138015
9. Нсанье Нсанье 1,942 194924
10. Фаломбе Фаломбе 1,394 231990
11. Фиоло Фиоло 1,715 458976
12. Зомба Зомба 2,580 546661
13. Читипа Читипа 4,288 126799
14. Каронга 3,355 194572
15. Ликома Ликома 0,018 13
16. Мзимба Мзимба 10,430 610944
17. Нкхата Бай Нкхата Бай 4,071 164761
18. Румпхи Румпхи 4,769 128360
19. Дедза Дедза 3,624 486682
20. Доуа Доуа 3,041 411387
21. Касунгу Касунгу 7,878 480659
22. Лилонгве Лилонгве 6,159 1346360
23. Мчинджи Мчинджи 3,356 324941
24. Нхотакота Нхотакота 4,259 229460
25. Нитчеу Нитчеу 3,424 370757
26. Нтчиси Нтчиси 1,655 167880
27. Салима Салима 2,196 248214
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