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Министр здравоохранения на Маврикии Санти Бай Ханооманжии (Santi Bai Hanoomanjee)

Mrs Santi Bai Hanoomanjee became a Minister of Health & Quality of Life 11 May 2010



World No Tobacco Day 2010: Dissemination Workshop on Tobacco Studies

GIS - June 03, 2010: The time has come to say NO to cigarette smoking. The Government is waging a war against tobacco smoking and the ultimate goal is to make Mauritius a tobacco-free country.

This statement was made this morning by the Minister of Health and Quality of Life, Mrs Santi Bai Hanoomanjee, at the launching ceremony of the one-day dissemination workshop on tobacco studies at La Cannelle, Domaine Les Pailles. She expressed confidence that with sustained, comprehensive and concerted efforts from all stakeholders, the tobacco epidemic can be eradicated in Mauritius.

The Minister pointed out that Mauritius has made significant progress in tobacco control and with the new and improved legislation in 2008, the country has emerged as one of the regional leaders in tobacco control. She however deplored the fact that tobacco use in Mauritius continues to dominate, adding that the economic and social costs that the epidemic entails will challenge the development growth of developing countries.

Around 80 stakeholders from the public and private sectors and non-governmental organisations (NGO) engaged in the anti-smoking lobby are participating in this workshop. The key findings of four main studies on tobacco control conducted between April 2009 and May 2010 will be presented to the participants. The studies form part of the African Tobacco Situational Analysis (ATSA) initiative which aims at understanding the critical determinants of success for tobacco control in 12 Sub-Saharan African countries, including Mauritius.

The first study conducted on 600 smokers and 240 non-smokers aged 18 years and more analysed and evaluated the measures taken in different aspects of the World Health Organisation's (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which was ratified by Mauritius in May 2004. The second and third waves of this project will be undertaken in August 2010 and 2011 respectively.

The second study focused on the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices of Health Professionals in Mauritius with respect to tobacco use and smoking cessation. The third study related to the strengthening of the Health Information System regarding tobacco use among non-communicable disease (NCD) patients attending public health institutions. The fourth one made an Air Quality assessment for second-hand smoke in hospitality venues in Mauritius.

It is to be noted that according to the NCD Survey 2009, the prevalence of smokers in Mauritius aged between 25 to 74 years is 21.7% while young people between 19 to 24 years represent 28.5% of smokers. In the world, according to the WHO, 1.3 billion people are smokers and 5.4 million people die yearly due to tobacco use. By 2030, more than eight million people will die due to tobacco use.

H. E. Dr. Rajesh Jeetah, Minister of Health & Quality of Life in Mauritius (before 2010) from the Government of Mauritius along with Mr. Nitin Pandea, Assistant Director of Board Investment, Mauritius visited Gulf Medical University on the 27th of January 2009; they were taken around a tour of the university by Mr. Thumbay Moideen, President of Gulf Medical University, Ajman and showed the different departments and facilities provided to impart quality education to the students. He was impressed that the college had an international faculty and a student cohort from 44 countries. He appreciated and praised the activities and facilities of the University and also congratulated President, Mr. Thumbay Moideen on completion of 10yrs and his achievement for successfully having established such a high quality medical institution. President Mr. Thumbay Moideen presented a memento to the Health Minister as a token of appreciation. Later the Health Minister visited the Hospital and when shown through the various departments and facilities offered were highly impressed. He highly praised on the use of state of the art technology and latest instruments for the treatment of patients. H. E. Dr. Rajesh Jeetah congratulated Mr. Thumbay Moideen for the good work he has been doing in the field of Medical Education and Healthcare Services.
GMU is recognized and approved as an institution for higher education by the Ministry of Higher Education, UAE. GMC is listed in WHO Directory of Medical Schools and also listed in IMED Directory. The main aim is to impart quality medical education. This is the first University, which offers admissions to both boys and girls of all nationalities. It has an international faculty and a student cohort from 44 nations. The Admissions for the following programs has already started, Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Physical Therapy (BPT), Doctor of Dental Medicine-DMD and Doctor of Pharmacy - Pharm.D. GMU is glad to announce the Masters in Clinical Pathology (2 yrs) program and GMC-MOH-RACGP Fellowship program starting from March/April 2009.

Dr. Rajesh Jeetah, Minister of Health & Quality of Life in Mauritius (before 2010)

карта округов Маврикия

The island of Mauritius itself is divided into nine districts:

1. Black River (Capital: Bambous)
2. Flacq (Capital: Centre de Flacq)
3. Grand Port (Capital: Mahebourg)
4. Moka (Capital: Quartier Militaire)
5. Pamplemousses (Capital: Triolet)
6. Plaines Wilhems (Capital: Beau Bassin and Rose Hill, Phoenix)
7. Port Louis (Capital of Mauritius)
8. Riviere du Rempart (Capital: Mapou)
9. Savanne (Capital: Souillac)


* Rodrigues, an island 560 kilometres (350 mi) north-east of Mauritius, which attained limited autonomy in October 2002.[17][18] It had the status of the 10th administrative district of Mauritius before autonomy was attained.
* Agalega, two small islands about 933 kilometres (580 mi) north of Mauritius, famous for supplying chickens.
* Cargados Carajos, also known as the Saint Brandon islands, about 402 kilometres (250 mi) north of Mauritius

Claimed as dependencies. Mauritius also claims the following territories:

* Tromelin Island, currently in French possession.
* Chagos Archipelago, currently a British possession as the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT).

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