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Министр здравоохранения Лесото Мфу Кенеилое Раматлапенг

Достопочтенная Мфу Кенеилое Раматлапенг родилась в Maseru West 3-го января 1953. Она замужем, у нее две дочери. Др Мфу Кенеилое Раматлапенг is a medical Doctor by profession. she attended high school at Lesotho High and Medical School in Kharvov Medical Institute with MD qualification in 1971. From 1982 to 1984 she attended Johns Hopskins School of Hygiene & Public Health. Wilmer EYE Institute. she worked for the Government of Lesotho from 1971 to 1981. she moved to the private sector to start her own business empire . She later joined Clinton Foundation as chief Executive from 2005 to 2007.

she has been an active member of several community activities. she was a member of Women in business, Musapelo women investment club. she served on boards of alliance Insurance, Vodacom Lesotho and Lesotho flour Mills. At International level she served on a board of camas - advisory body to AU and Common Wealth Association. She is a Patron for SkillsShare Lesotho Chapter.

As the Minister of Health & Social Welfare, Doctor Ramatlapeng has tirelessly started leading the mission of the health sector and championing the interests of health and social welfare in the Executive Committee and parliament of Lesotho, around the different parts of the country and in Ministerial fora around the world, including in the SADC region.

Министр здравоохранения Лесото Мфу Кенеилое Раматлапенг

Достопочтенная Мфу Кенеилое Раматлапенг (Mphu Keneiloe Ramatlapeng) joined the FIND (Foundation for innovative new diagnostics) Board of Directors in July 2009.

She is currently Minister of Health and Social Welfare at the Ministry of Health of Lesotho, and she is Member of the Senate Academic Qualifications committee.

Dr. Ramatlapeng received her MD degree from the Kharlcov Medical Institution in 1979. She later did some work at Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health and the Wilmer Eye Institute.

Her various career positions, memberships, and other activities include:

  • appointment as Senator after the 2007 general elections
  • serving as Medical Doctor for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (1979-1983)
  • serving as Private Medical Practitioner (1984 -2005)
  • involved in Clinton Project (2005-2007)
  • member of several organisations: Women in Business, Musapelo Women's Investment Club, Board of Alliance Insurance, Vodacom Lesotho and Lesotho Flour Mills
  • Served on board of CAMAS which is an advisory body to OAU Hobbies


Dr Mphu Ramatlapeng , Lesotho's Minister of Health and Social Welfare

The OneLove campaign is seen by health experts as a powerful advocacy mechanism that could foster behavioural change especially among young people and couples, reports the Southern Times .

The article quotes Dr Mphu Ramatlapeng , Lesotho's Minister of Health and Social Welfare saying: "The strong message the campaigners are delivering to all people and particularly young people, encompasses all messages on prevention.

карта регионов Лесото

Лесото разделено на 10 районов, управляемых секретарями, столица называется город-лагерь (camptown). Список районов Лесото:

Площадь (кв.км)
Население (2001)
1 Береа Теятеяненг 2.222 300.557
2 Бута-Буте Бута-Буте 1.767 126.948
3 Лерибе Хлоце 2.828 362.339
4 Мафетенг Мафетенг 2.119 238.946
5 Масеру Масеру 4.279 477.599
6 Мохалес-Хук Мохалес-Хук 3.530 206.842
7 Мокхотлонг Мокхотлонг 4.075 89.705
8 Цгачас-Нек Цгачас-Нек 2.349 80.323
9 Цгутинг Цгутинг 2.916 140.641
10 Таба-Цека Таба-Цека 4.270 133.680

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