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Министр здравоохранения Гамбии Абу Бакарр Гайе

NAME: Dr. Abu Bakarr Gaye AGE: 56 DATE OF BIRTH: 26th September 1951 NATIONALITY: Gambian MARITAL STATUS: Married EMAIL: drabgaye@gmail.com PROFILE

A highly qualified General Practitioner with an in-depth knowledge of tropical medicine. Over 30 years of experience in West Africa . Proven leadership, management and training skills involving developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives. An effective communicator with the ability to communicate precisely and concisely in English and French both orally and written. Also fluent in several West African languages and a good knowledge of Russian language. Tenacious and enthusiastic with proven ability to work accurately under pressure and extremely difficult circumstances. Adapt effectively to different situations and requirements. Intellectually curious and consistently maintain a high degree of professionalism. Possess very strong analytical, sense of judgment and problem solving skills. Task oriented with a passion to always deliver outstanding results.


Patrice Lumumba People Friendship University , Moscow

The Faculty of Medicine * Doctor in General Medicine

1967-1973 Patrice Lumumba Peoples Friendship University , Moscow * A' Level - Russian Language, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics and History.

1967-1968 Maburaka High School , Sierra Leone * O' Level - English Language, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Geography, Agricultural Science, Arts and Craft.

1960-1965 WORK EXPERIENCE Ministry of Health and Social Welfare* Minister

2009-current Self Employment

Barr Point, The Gambia , West Africa * Rural Medical Service provider

2005-2009 Ahmadiyah Hospital Tallinding, The Gambia , West Africa * Surgical and Gynaecological Assistance

1998-2004 Self Employment Barra Point, The Gambia , West Africa * Rural Medical Service Provider

1981-1997 Bansang Hospital Bansang, The Gambia , West Africa * Chief Medical Officer

1979-1981 Basse Hospital Basse, The Gambia , West Africa * Medical Officer

1977-1978 Ministry of Health, Freetown , Sierra Leone Department of Clinical Studies Internship Programme* Medicine, Surgery, Obstetric & Gynaecology, and Paediatrics

LANGUAGES * Fluent in English and French * Russian Language - Average and Basic Understanding of Arabic

IT EXPERIENCE - Basic Computer Skills


  • * Reading
  • * Making Researches
  • * Charity work


Министр здравоохранения Гамбии Абу Бакарр Гайе

http://www.statehouse.gm/cv/health1.htm Secretary of State for Health and Social Welfare Dr. Tamsir Mbowe

http://www.statehouse.gm/cv/health2.htm Dr. Mariatou Jallow former Minister of Health and Social Welfare

Dr. Mariatou Jallow former Minister of Health and Social Welfare Gambia

карта регионов Гамбии

Гамбия разделена на один город и 5 округов (англ. Division) (в скобках административные центры):

1. Нижняя Река (англ. Lower River) (Манса Конко)
2. Центральная Река (англ. Central River) (Янянбурех)
3. Северный Берег (англ. North Bank) (Кереван)
4. Верхняя Река (англ. Upper River) (Бассе-Санта-Су)
5. Западный район (англ. Western Division) (Брикама)
6. Банжул (англ. Banjul) — город.

Они в свою очередь разделены на 37 районов (англ. district), один из которых — Северный Комбо (Комбо Сент Мэри) является частью агломерации Большой Банжул

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