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Министр здравоохранения Гибралтара Иветта Дель Агуа (Yvette Del Agua)

Faculty supports first International Conference in Pre-Hospital Emergency and Disaster Medicine in Gibraltar. The conference was opened by Yvette Del Agua, Minister for Health and Civil Protection. Describing the advances in local pre-hospital care, she said that Gibraltar's new Accident and Emergency Department was fully equipped to international standards for monitoring and resuscitation. Gibraltar Health Authority Chief, Dr David McCutcheon, also spoke of the improvements in the local ambulance system. “Gibraltar now has a professional and dedicated ambulance service of which we can all be proud,” he said. 15.05.2009



Министр здравоохранения Гибралтара Иветта Дель Агуа (Yvette Del Agua)

The Gibraltar League of Hospital Friends is making a donation of ?13,000 which will be used to part fund the cost of the Visulas Yag III Laser manufactured by Carl Zeiss for the Ophthalmology Department of the GHA.

The Yag Laser is a machine used by the Consultant Ophthamologist in St Bernard's Hospital for post-cataract therapy and to treat acute glaucoma.
It is a state of the art replacement for an earlier version of the machine that was purchased by the GHA 20 years previously.

Post cataract therapy involves the treatment of a complication of cataract which can lead to cloudy vision following surgery. This is a common occurrence with patients who have undergone surgery. It is a pain free restoration of vision which takes a very short time to complete.
Acute glaucoma is a vision threatening condition in which there is an increase in the pressure within the eye. The laser is used to surgically decompress the pressure.

The Gibraltar League of Hospital Friends is a Charitable Organisation which raises money to provide extra support for patients in St Bernard's Hospital, KGV Hospital and the Primary Care Centre. Their aim is to make patients' stay in hospital as comfortable as possible.

The Gibraltar League of Hospital Friends has an active and very hardworking committee of about 20 ladies. Their President is H. E. Sir Robert Fulton.
Each lady is responsible for a particular ward or facility. They liaise with Sister in charge for any items that may be needed. After approval from the committee, these items are bought and taken where needed. They have a membership of over 250 who pay an annual subscription. Their hospital representative is Clinical Nurse Manager, Ms F Catania who guides them in any requests or problems that they may have.

Minister Del Agua on receiving the donation said “I am very appreciative of all of the activities of the League whose Members provide excellent support to the GHA in so many areas, including KGV, St Bernard's and the Primary Care Centre and I thank them for their very generous donation”.

Mr Mohammed Haroon, GHA's Consultant Opthalmologist said “I am deeply grateful to the League for their timely and wonderful donation that has accelerated the acquisition of this vital piece of equipment for the Eye Clinic”.
Mr Trevor Galliano Charge Nurse in the Eye Department added “We are proud to work in an excellent and expanding department.”
Mrs Marilyn Azopardi, President and Mrs Susie Kirby, Treasurer of the League of Hospital Friends presented the cheque.
The Hon Yvette Del Agua, Minister for Health and Civil Protection, Dr David McCutcheon, Chief Executive and Mr Trevor Galliano, Charge Nurse, Ophthalmics Department were present.



http://www.disability.gi/News/topic.php?id=22 Minister for Social Affairs Yvette Del Agua this time has come out with what she accuses the The Disability Society of doing i.e. that of being distorted, misrepresented, Minister Yvette Del Agua must take on board what she adds on the end of her press release and that is disability issues has to be serious, factual and honest.

карта Гибралтара

Зависимая территория Великобритании, находящаяся на скалистом участке самого южного окончания Пиренейского полуострова. На севере граничит с Испанией. На востоке омывается Средиземным морем, на юге — Гибралтарским проливом, отделяющим Гибралтар от Северной Африки, на западе — Гибралтарским заливом. Площадь Гибралтара 6,5 км?. Координаты: .

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