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Министр здравоохранения Гернси Хантер Адам

A Scot by birth, I came to Guernsey to work as a doctor in 1984 and have lived in Castel for 24 years.

First elected in 2001, in 7 years as Deputy I have served on:-
3 Departments, Home, Education and Health and Social Services
2 States Committees- Public Sector Remuneration (as Vice-Chairman) and Scrutiny
Board of Guille-Alles and Priaulx Library
Electricity Board before commercialization

As a States member I consider issues by research, listening to views, analyzing, then reach a balanced conclusion. In debate I argue this view but accept the majority decision.

I have the enthusiasm and commitment to serve another term and have the experience and ability to be effective in government.

I want my chosen home to continue being a good place for all islanders to live; to maintain its independence and traditions within an increasingly interdependent world; to have a successful economy that can provide for a good standard of public services while maintaining the balance of population and having concern for the physical and social environment.

My aims for the next House include:-

Government spending – revenue expenditure must be vigilantly controlled. Priorities must be defined and agreed.

Economy – a vibrant finance sector is essential; new enterprise in other sectors should be encouraged

Taxation – the principle of zero-ten should be supported. Additional taxation should protect those least well-off.

Education - redevelopment of Les Beaucamps and La Mare de Carteret; assessment of primary school place requirements; extension of pre-school provision.

Health - reduction in preventable ill-health; improved mental health provision; continued scrutiny of off-island placement to ensure best treatment and cost-efficiency.

Waste – treatment facilities for both solid and liquid waste. I support recycling where viable and incineration for the remainder, including sludge from sewage treatment.

Policing – resourcing for community policing to tackle petty crime and vandalism.

Министр здравоохранения Гернси Хантер Адам

карта округов Гернси


Гернси разделен на 10 округов:

  1. Castel
  2. Forest
  3. St Andrew
  4. St Martin
  5. St Peter Port
  6. St Pierre du Bois
  7. St Sampson
  8. St Saviour
  9. Torteval
  10. Vale
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