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Министр здравоохранения в ЦАР - центрально-африканской республике Фаустин Теномби

Фаустин Теномби Faustin Tenombi

- министр здравоохранения центрально-африканской республики с 2008 г.





Др. Бернард Лала Бонамна (Bernard Lala Bonamna)

- министр здравоохранения центрально-африканской республики 2006 - 2008 гг.

Resignation of Dr Bernard Lala B.
Dr Bernard Lala Bonamna resigned from the cabinet straight after his appointment as Minister of National Education.
He justified his resignation by the fact that he was not initially informed or contacted for his potential appointment in the new cabinet.
Dr Bonamna was the Minister of Public Health in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister Dote Ellie who resigned on January 18, 2008.
[ 29 Jan 2008 - http://www.afriquecentrale.info/central.... ;s=37&d=3&i=1278 ]

Анж-Феликс Патасс (Ange-Felix Patasse) (род. 25 янв 1937 ) - министр здравоохранения центрально-африканской республики 1973 г.

Анж-Феликс Патасс (Ange-Felix Patasse) (род. 25 янв 1937 ) - министр здравоохранения центрально-африканской республики 1973 г.

As of 2004, it was estimated that there were fewer than 3 physicians and 9 nurses per 100,000 people in Central Africa republic. Average life expectancy was 43.39 years in 2005. Also in 2000, 60 percent of the population had access to safe drinking water and 31% had adequate sanitation. The infant mortality rate in 2005 was 87.33 per 1,000 live births. As of 1999, the immunization rates for children up to one year old were as follows: diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus, 33 percent and measles, 39%.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Health Ministry launches meningitis immunisation drive

BANGUI, 9 March 2004 (IRIN) - The Ministry of Health in the Central African Republic (CAR) and its partners began on Tuesday a massive anti-meningitis immunisation drive in the northwestern town of Batangafo and surrounding areas in Ouham Province, where an outbreak of the disease has been reported, an official told IRIN. "We sent 60,000 doses of vaccines to the area on Saturday," Dr. Abel Namssenmo, the ministry's director of preventive medicine and disease control, said. He said a team from the ministry arrived on Saturday in Batangafo, 386 km north of the capital, Bangui, to inform local populations of the problem and to urge them to report for vaccination. Italian charity Cooperazione Internazionale, which has been distributing drugs to health facilities in the northwestern province of Ouham and Ouham Pende Province in the west since June 2003, first launched a meningitis alert in late February. Medicos Sin Fronteras also sent a team to investigate the outbreak and treat detected cases. So far, the number of infected people has not been made available as investigations continue. Like other northern towns, health services in Batangafo were interrupted between October 2002 and March 2003 when the rebels loyal to current leader Francois Bozize fought government forces. During the rebellion, health facilities were looted and vandalised and health personnel fled. Children were not vaccinated until October 2003, when the International Committee of the Red Cross distributed vaccine storage freezers to hospitals. Consequently, measles, meningitis and polio epidemics were reported in the north. The Special Humanitarian Adviser for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs on the CAR, Ramiro Lopes Da Silva, who has been touring the country since 29 February, told IRIN on Sunday that he would call for the mobilisation of funds to enable the UN World Health Organization to urgently carry out an epidemiological control drive nationwide.

карта регионов Центрально-африканской республики


Территория ЦАР разделена на 17 префектур. Столичный город Банги выделен в особую административную единицу, приравненную к префектуре.

Префектура (фр.)
Площадь, кв.км
Население (2003), чел.
Бамбинги-Бангоран Bambingui-Bangoran Нделе 58 200 38 437
Банги Bangui Банги 67 531 763
Вакага Vakaga Бирао 46 500 37 595
Верхнее Котто Haute-Kotto Бриа 86 650 69 514
Верхнее Мбому Haut-Mbomou Обо 55 530 38 184
Кемо Kemo Сибю 17 204 98 881
Лобае Lobaye Мбаики 19 235 214 137
Мамбере-Кадеи Mambere-Kadei Берберати 30 203 289 688
Мбомоу Mbomou Бангасу 61 150 132 740
Нана-Гребизи Nana-Gribizi Кага-Бондоро 19 996 87 341
Нана-Мамбере Nana-Mambere Буар 26 600 184 594
Нижнее Котто Basse-Kotto Мобае 17 604 203 887
Омбелла-Мпоко Ombella-Mpoko Бимбо 31 835 304 025
Уака Ouaka Бамбари 49 900 224 076
Санга-Мбаере Sangha-Mbaere Нола 19 412 89 871
Уам Ouham Босангоа 50 250 280 772
Уам-Пенде Ouham-Pende Бозум 32 100 325 567
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